Spiritual Stability

Maintaining spiritual stability is an integral part of the awakening process. Instability associated with awakenings is often referred to as a ‘healing crisis’, ‘dark night of the soul’, or ‘spiritual psychosis’.
Spiritual traditions are very specific about the pace and order of practice. Advanced practices were once kept secret; the nervous system must undergo refinement before using strong techniques. 
These traditional techniques are designed to expose both the positive and negative aspects of the mind, and can bring on a strong influx of subconscious material. If handled without due care, methods such as Kriya or Tantra Yoga, and drug induced awakenings (with subsances such as Ayahuasca and other psychadelics) can leave people unstable. 
Western adaptations of eastern techniques seldom give due regard to the mental groundwork required before beginning these practices, which can lead the unprepared into strong psychological upheaval.  Ultimately this instability is part of a healing and growth process. Some move through this easily, for others it may last for days, weeks, or even years. It can be an uncomfortable place to be stuck.
For those who have found themselves in trouble from an imbalanced awakening, we work to re-stabilise the central nervous system so you can move forward again.

Symptoms of Instability

Psychological upheaval – intensifications on unresolved psychological issues, fear of death and insanity, mood swings, waves of anxiety, anger, guilt, or depression – coupled with profound compassion, unconditional love, and overwhelming bliss. This is usually accompanied by a compelling need to recognise and resolve inner conflicts.
Physiological problems – emergence of latent illnesses, pseudo-illness, nervous problems, eating disorders, transient pains, heat, burning, itching, expanded senses, high sensitivity, hyperactivity or lethargy, extreme variations in sexual desire. Intense involuntary body movements into unfamiliar postures, shaking, vibrations, jerking, sensations of electricity, tingling, waves of heat flooding the body.
Expanded perceptions – Extreme sensitivity to the moods of others, unusual perceptions (visions, sound and smells), precognition, healing abilities, telepathy, unusual synchronicities. While these are not problems in themselves, they can be confusing and difficult to integrate.
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