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Saturday, February 2, 2013
The Costa Rican Times is continuing to try to promote healthy activities in Costa Rica and ones in which we believe. The Transformational Retreats project in Costa Rica offers a new approach to yoga retreats – integrating modern neuroscience with all you can expect on a deluxe yoga retreat. I am sure you are wondering how this differs from other yoga retreats.
How do they deliver transformation in seven days?
Yoga will increase your relaxation and flexibility, neurofeedback will teach you to control your brain activity, massage will offer hands on healing, super-foods will keep you nutritionally balanced, meditation will make you more sensible to the state of your mind, body, and spirit, and coaching will help you to reflect; all in beautiful, natural surroundings.
You don’t need to be a super-yogi for these retreats. With six participants and three facilitators, each person’s program individually tailored, with each component working hand-in-hand with the others.
“Combining approaches like this, is incredibly powerful. It’s a whole new way to facilitate deep, lasting change.” says James Roy, one of the founders of the project. James is among the world’s most experienced neurotherapists, and studied with Shamans, Monks, and Yogis for seven years. He knows a thing or two about the brain.
“The concept is to bring spiritual development into the 21st century. Neuroscience has come along so far, it’s time to get practical and integrate them with the traditional techniques. Neurofeedback is a great way to clear old habits – for a calmer, more present, clearer daily experience.”
“The brainwaves of advanced meditators, yogis, and high performers all have similar qualities. Using top level research gear, we train those brainwaves using neurofeedback. It also helps us track how you’re doing.”
Kate Hewett teaches yoga and meditation on the retreats. Over the past fifteen years she has practiced with exceptional teachers in India and around the world, and has as a wealth of experience with Shamanism. She has developed a mindful, flowing style of yoga, and her one-on-one sessions work with your body’s alignment. Breathwork, deep relaxation, and inspiring philosophy are woven in. Kate also offers coaching to help support positive habits once you return home – such as maintaining a daily meditation practice.
“Meditation is key. It supports the other therapies we offer by providing a quiet space for the mind to process what it is learning” Kate says. “It puts us in touch with our internal states, to understand what our body really wants to eat and help see the tension and holding that can be released through bodywork. It doesn’t matter your starting point, it is a continual process of deepening self-awareness and self-discovery, which are key to lasting happiness.”
Sarah Roy is an English neurotherapist, bodyworker, nutritional advisor, and chef extraordinaire. She supervises the food and nutrition.
“You are what you eat.” says Sarah. “As you are undergoing change your body and brain need optimum nutrition. All of our menus are planned to provide you with delicious, high raw content and nutritionally rich food. These retreats are about change, and by working deeply with the inner balance of the body, we can help ground and embed changes coming from the mind.”
“We designed the retreats as a high-tech way to help you stop, rest, shift those stubborn patterns, and return a week later as an improved version of yourself.”
If you would like more information about the retreats click here.
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