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Spiritual Development


Our approach embraces both eastern and western disciplines, bringing spiritual neuroscience firmly into the 21st century. 

By applying state of the art western neuroscience to what would traditionally be called a spiritual process, we facilitate grounded, stable growth; calming and balancing, strengthening communication between the conscious and subconscious mind, increasing awareness and heightening perception.

Our spiritual development programme is based on the brainwave patterns of advanced meditators, monks, yogis and healers. These brainwave patterns appear independent of spiritual dogma, belief or tradition. 

Neurofeedback gives you a little ‘outside help’, so you can reach these states more easily on your own; making it one of the most powerful tools for spiritual development available. 

While neurofeedback doesn't offer 'instant enlightenment' (see spiritual stability), the foundational qualities of an enlightened brain are skills anyone can learn with practice.
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Neurofeedback is considered the most significant advance towards positive transformation since the discovery of meditation.
Mattieu Ricard, Buddhist Monk

The past week has been one of the most profound of my life (so far) – I had a glimpse of the root of my suffering, which has been quite extraordinary. 

Kate, Business Development Facilitator and Yoga Teacher
... with neurotherapy (neurofeedback) we are compressing time, and, in less than 2 months, achieving results that adepts such as yogis experience only after many years of meditating.
Nancy White PhD. Clinical Psychologist.