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Sleep and Fatigue


During sleep, the brain has a chance to sort, prioritise and file all the information taken in during the day. Mental functioning decreases nearly twice as rapidly as physical performance with decreased sleep.

The reasons for sleep difficulties are varied. It may be due to stress, anxiety, burnout, trauma, or habitual loop thinking. Whatever the cause, the brain has lost the ability to shift into the correct state for sleep. 

Neurofeedback helps you to restore your natural sleep rhythms. By training brain control and flexibility, the smooth transition of the central nervous system from activation to rest can happen naturally.

In the case of chronic fatigue related disorders, it can be a long process to rebalance and re-strengthen the system. Proper nutrition is crucial as a supporting therapy in this case, as is a willingness to take it gently to give the system a chance to rebuild and recover. 

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For temporary relief, try this simple self-help tip.

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I am sleeping better than I have for years - I feel like a human being again. It made a huge difference in my life. I’m calmer, more manageable and experiencing relationships in a different way.

Neurofeedback at Brainworks was life-changing. Living in my brain is a very different experience now; no matter the circumstances I can maintain a sense of peace and clarity in my head. My resilience to stress and pressure has hugely improved, and my life-long insomnia is largely a thing of the past and when it crops up, I can overcome it. Thank you so much!

Having suffered with post viral fatigue symptoms for years, I have had a great deal of success with Brainworks. After completing a block of treatments I found that my energy levels almost returned to normal. I would thoroughly recommend it.

It's great - I honestly never imagined such a tangible result. So thank you for that, as sleep was my main area of concern.

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