Since 2007, we have offered neurofeedback at its best; doing it right with highly skilled therapists and a broad, sophisticated approach. 


QEEG *   QEEG brain map assessment   £285 info...

At home neurofeedback sessions

               12 sessions (starter course) £1650    info...
  20 sessions (standard course) £2650  

QEEG assessment required before all sessions. 


If you are having your sessions at home, we will ask for a 25% deposit to confirm your booking.  This is refundable up to 14 days before your first session.
We lieu of a deposit on the equipment, we collect the session fees before we ship the equipment to you. If for any reason you would like to stop your sessions mid-course, we simply refund the balance. 
Also for home sessions, we offer a discount for siblings, couples or groups training at the same location at the same time. 

What's included Initial QEEG and Training plan

We use the QEEG to create your training plan before your sessions begin. More info here...
A QEEG assessment in the London clinic or at the start of your home sessions is £285. If you would like your brain map done at home without sessions to follow (a special shipment), the price is £360 for mainland UK.

Clinic Sessions

Our London clinic is closed until it is safe for us to open. All our sessions are now delivered remotely.

Home Sessions (remotely operated)

Available anywhere with an internet connection. The same top-level clinical neurofeedback equipment that we use in the London clinic. Sessions are one-to-one with a neurofeedback therapist.
Learn more about our home systems here...
Starter course of 12 sessions, price £1650
Standard course of 20 sessions, price £2650
Sessions are available from 9:00am to 9:00pm (UK time). 
Course of home neurofeedack is all inclusive, wth 40 to 50 minutes of training time per session (we train to individual limits, so training time for children may be shorter), a QEEG brain map every six sessions for progress tracking and training plan updates, pre/post neurofeedback QEEG comparison report, use of the equipment and UK shipping.