Will I get a Diagnosis? Is it a cure?

We don’t diagnose, nor is a diagnosis required to understand the problem. We map your brain, looking for areas of over or under-activity that correspond to your symptoms, and design a brain training programme to help you move forward. 
The medical (DSM) diagnostic model doesn’t fit well into the paradigm of neurofeedback. From our point of view, functional brain disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, concussions, PTSD, memory, focus, autism etc. are not 'diseases' to 'treat', but as reflections of fundamental brain dysregulation; any of which could benefit from brain training.
For this reason, neurofeedback is clearer viewed as ‘personal training’ rather than a ‘treatment’; a way to shift your mind out of stuck patterns to relieve the corresponding symptoms. Nor is neurofeedback a ‘cure’ for these diagnosed conditions; we work toward symptom resolution by resolving the underlying imbalances. 
Most people are simply relieved when they finally know what’s wrong, and that something can be done to change it. 
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