How Effective is it?

Neurofeedback is effective in the vast majority of cases, and provides measurable results. 
While it’s not a panacea, almost everyone responds to training, and the results are long lasting. Our clients report significant improvement towards their goals 95% of the time; an exceptionally high rate of achievement. 
Like any therapy it works best with people who are motivated and want to improve. We don't work with everyone - our reputation is built on results, so if we don't feel you will benefit from neurofeedback we won't accept you as a client. 
Neurofeedback is essentially skills building. Like any skill, it is relatively permanent as long as you get enough rest and limit extended periods of extreme stress. It helps to maintain your gains if you keep a healthy diet to properly nourish your brain, and limit your intake of alcohol and other brain toxins.
It is important to note that a child or a vulnerable adult living in a physically or psychologically toxic environment will have difficulty sustaining gains, as will those with degenerative neurological conditions.

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We’re at an extra­or­di­nary moment where the entire sci­en­tific foun­da­tion for men­tal health is shift­ing, with the 20th cen­tury dis­ci­pline of psy­chi­a­try becom­ing the 21st cen­tury dis­ci­pline of clin­i­cal neuroscience.

Thomas Insel, head of the National Insti­tute of Men­tal Health