About us

Founded in 2007, Brainworks was among the first neurofeedback practices in the UK. Today, we are among the world's leading pioneers in home neurofeedback and brain training technologies. 

For a small company, we have made a big impact in the field of neurofeedback.

In 2013 we developed the world's first dedicated remote neurofeedback training stations, and later built our own web-straming HD feedback player, the first 100% accurate sensor connection meter, and an automated assistant to run full LoRETA neurofeedback with or without a therapist present.

Since the onset of covid, we've been supplying our remote technology to practitioners all over the world.

Our greatest asset is our team. We have been collaborating long enough to settle into our strongest roles. We love what we do, and it shows.


If you’d like to hear what our clients have to say, visit our testimonials page; or, you can read what the press writes about us here.

For books about neurofeedback or for in-depth studies on a particular condition, you’ll find a reading list here, along with a research bibliography.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  


The Brainworks Team.