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Brain tips

Doborah Walker, Passport to change.   Twenty percent of the energy that your body creates goes toward enabling your brain to function, this is despite it only representing 2% of your absolute body mass. Any drop in the ability of your body to create that energy... read more

Brain excercises

Sarah Roy, Brainworks.   Breathing most of the time is unconscious and automatic.  Consciously regulating our breath can help manage our moods, feelings and energy level. If you observe a baby breathing, you see the inflow and outflow of air through the belly and chest. read more


Client story, Mark. I am still thrilled with how much my January neurofeedback sessions benefited me. While it has changed my life on every level I have been particularly impressed by how much my ability to... read more
Client story; By Brain on Retreat.  It was believed, in the not too distant past,  that we could not change our brains once they were fully developed. That in our mid-twenties, when our brains are more or less fully formed... read more