Mindset Fitness

We began integrating eastern physiological exercises with western neuroscience on our Transformational Retreats in 2011. Based on our stunning results, we now offer a similar programme for our clinic and home training clients. 
The Mindset Fitness programme is a comprehensive set of brain balancing exercises, all tailored to your brain position; meditations, physical movements/yoga, and breath exercises all in a single package. 
It is designed to use either to support and accelerate your neurofeedback sessions, or as a stand-alone programme.
Sessions are one-on-one with Kate Taylor Hewett, our partner in Brainworks Retreats. She knows the brain training process inside out, and has been teaching yoga, meditation and breathwork for 15 years. 
Sessions are conducted in our London clinic or by Skype. 
£120 per 90 min session.
For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us.