Neurofeedback is an emerging field, and experienced therapists are still few and far between. However, if you have an internet connection, our team of specialists can come to you. 
Our home neurofeedback clinic is available anywhere in the USA, UK, Western Europe, and (by special arrangement) in the Gulf States. 

United States

Starter course of 10 sessions,    $2625 USD
Standard course of 20 sessions, $4399 USD
Prices are all inclusive of 3D LoRETA neurofeedback sessions (40 to 60 minutes of training time per session), progress tracking and training plan updates, pre/post neurofeedback QEEG comparison report, equipment rental, and shipping. All neurofeedback sessions are one-to-one.

Discounts are available for multiple people training at the same location. 

EU Countries

Prices in the EU are the same as our UK prices, with a shipping surcharge and refundable security deposit. 

Asia and the Gulf States

Price on application, please contact us